Medicare Plans

What are Medigap Plans?

Medigap plans, often referred to as Supplements or gap-fillers, have been available for many years.  They help cover some or all of the medical expenses not paid by Medicare Parts A & B.  They may help limit your annual out-of-pocket medical expenses.  They only help pay for medical expenses.  Prescriptions are not covered by these plans.  You may see any provider in the USA that accepts Medicare patients.  Referrals are not required.  Depending on which Medigap plan you choose, you may not ever have any deductibles or co-payments.  Because medical claims are usually paid electronically you normally do not have any paperwork to deal with. 

Medigap members use two insurance cards at the doctor's office and hospital; their Original Medicare card and their Medigap card.  Medicare is usually primary. If they purchase Part D prescription drug coverage, that would be a 3rd card to use.

There are currently eleven different Medigap plans available.  Medigap plans are called Plan A; B; C; D; F; High Deductible F; G; K; L; M and Plan N.  These plans complement Original Medicare Parts A & B.  Medicare allows you to have only one Medigap plan at a time.  Those who enroll into a Medigap plan often keep it for the rest of their lives.

You’ll want to use our services because as brokers we can help you find the plan that best meets your medical needs and budget. We will complete all of the paperwork for you and submit the application on your behalf.

For those who do not wish to enroll into a Medigap plan may wish to use our help to consider enrolling into a Medicare Advantage Plan, sometimes called Part C.  We will be glad to help.

Medigap health plans do not include Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.  We can also help you enroll into a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. We are an agency with a contract to help you enroll into Medicare Part D.  Just ask for our help.

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